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German Sturmartillerie at War Vol. 2 
Author : Frank V. De Sisto 
Publisher : Concord Publications

Format: Soft Cover

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Description CON7030
Pages: 72
Format: Softcover
Reference Book.
Printed in Hong Kong

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Weight : 10 Ounces

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Features German Sturmartillerie at War Vol. 2
- 72 Pages
- 165 Photos
- 16 Color plates

The first volume of German Sturmartillerie appeared some time ago, but the second volume in the two-part series is now hot off the press. Sturmartillerie was an important branch in the German armed forces, and it evolved as WWII wore on. German forces found themselves engaged in more protracted battles, often in urban areas. This led to the need for more heavily armored vehicles and more powerful weapons. This resulted in new vehicles (though based on existing designs) like the StuG III Ausf. G, StuG IV, s.IG33 and Sturmtiger.

Frank De Sisto's book offers a veritable potpourri of black and white photos that show Sturmartillerie to best effect. The coverage begins with Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of Russia, and continues right up to the end of the war. Vehicles in different theaters such as the Eastern Front, Northwest Europe and the Mediterranean are all shown. Readers will be pleased with the wide selection of photos, many of which are new. Coverage naturally concentrates on the more numerically common StuG III (a wide range of variants), but the Sturminfanteriegeschütz 33, StuG IV, Sturmpanzer IV and Sturmtiger also make cameo appearances. The book begins with a concise summary of some of the new Srurmartillerie vehicle designs that were introduced as the war progressed.

The centerpiece of this book is a set of 16 color plates produced by Laurent Lecocq, these showing various camouflage schemes and tactical markings. This second book on the popular topic of Sturmartillerie is a treasure trove of information for the historically minded, plus a source of inspiration for model makers.

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